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Vitasoy Recording Project

  Members of the Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus had lots of fun recording Vitasoy 80th Anniversary theme song at Q2 Sound Studio today. Some of our members also sang in their 80th Anniversary theme song. Can’t believe it has already been 10 years!

Concert “側田 Chapter Free”

香港合唱新力量受邀於側田演唱會「側田 Chapter Free」中,以合唱團演出,在紅館與側田一同演唱了「情歌」一曲! The HKVC was invited by Justin Lo to the latter’s concert 「Justin Lo Chapter Free」to provide a joint choir performance of 「情歌」.

Concert “生於C All Star”

香港合唱新力量受邀於C All Star演唱會「生於C All Star」中,以合唱團演出,在紅館與C All Star一同演唱了「犯賤」一曲! The HKVC was invited to C All Star’s concert 「生於C All Star」, in which the HKVC delivered a joint choir performance of「犯賤」with their hosts!

Le French May Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner

VC 獲邀在 Le French May Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner 中擔任表演嘉賓。我們演出了 Salmo 150, 更以法文演繹了經典歌劇 Carmen 的樂曲。觀眾於表演後報以熱烈的掌聲,民政事務局副局長許嘵喗女士和 Le French May Arts Festival 的行政總裁 Mr. Julien-Loïc Garlin 更親自恭喜我們演出成功! The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus was invited to perform at the Le French May Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner. We performed Salmo 150 and a medley from opera “Carmen” in French. […]

CDMF Carol Singing Festival Finale Concert

CDMF 聖誕頌歌節 Carol Singing Festival 演出成功!感謝兒童發展配對基金的邀請,使我們以音樂幫助有需要的人。也特別感謝仗義相助的音樂家:Yuki Wong, Francis Ku, Byron Lo, Max Mckellar 以及 Wayne Wong。希望你們都享受這次合作! What a show! Thank you, Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF), for your invitation. We are glad to help the needy through our music! We are very thankful for the huge support we got from the following musicians: Yuki Wong, […]

長者日萬歲宴 Community Luncheon

香港合唱新力量於十一月十六日獲中華電力有限公司邀請,為「和您一起過節 – 長者日萬歲宴」擔任表演嘉賓,預早與 300 位來自觀塘、九龍城、黃大仙、深水埗、油尖旺和沙田的長者慶祝長者日,向他們表達關愛。 The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus was invited by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited to perform at the “Sharing the Festive Joy Community Luncheon” to celebrate the Senior Citizens Day. At the event, we performed for 300 elderly guests from Kwun Tong, Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin, Sham Shui Po, Yau […]

5th Anniversary Concert

In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we held our concert at Youth Square Y Studio on the 2nd of June. This concert featured the HKVC along with guest performers – distinguished erhuist Mr. Wan Pin Chu and choral ensemble Brio – and was an occasion marked by much festivity and joyful spirit. The concert began with Salmo 150, Ernan […]

Vocal Ensemble Workshop by Paul Phoenix

VC Ensemble 昨日參與了由世界知名歌唱家 Paul Phoenix 的 Vocal Ensemble Workshop,獲益良多!由如何站台、與觀眾用眼神交流,到排練技巧,我們都大開眼界!多謝主辦的 Brio 以及為我們伴奏的鋼琴家 Cedric! Yesterday, VC Ensemble participated in a vocal ensemble workshop by Paul Phoenix, renowned vocalist and former member of The King’s Singers. Paul talked about a variety of interesting topics, such as how we should stand, interact with audience through eye contact and rehearsal […]

Workshop by Prof. Jeannie Gagné

VC 很榮幸再邀請柏克萊音樂學院甘恩妮教授到香港指導我們!除了工作坊外,她更抽空為每位團員進行個別指導。在甘教授的指導下,每個VC 團員都進步了不少,獲益良多! The HK Virtuoso Chorus is honored to invite Prof. Jeannie Gagné to visit us in Hong Kong again! Besides a group workshop, she also gave private instruction to each member. We have benefited a lot from Prof. Gagné’s experience and expertise!