CDMF Carol Singing Festival Finale Concert


CDMF 聖誕頌歌節 Carol Singing Festival 演出成功!感謝兒童發展配對基金的邀請,使我們以音樂幫助有需要的人。也特別感謝仗義相助的音樂家:Yuki Wong, Francis Ku, Byron Lo, Max Mckellar 以及 Wayne Wong。希望你們都享受這次合作!

What a show! Thank you, Child Development Matching Fund (CDMF), for your invitation. We are glad to help the needy through our music! We are very thankful for the huge support we got from the following musicians: Yuki Wong, Francis Ku, Byron Lo, Max McKellar and Wayne Wong. We hope you enjoyed the collaboration as much as each of VC member did!