Christmas Concert with Festival Winds



香港合唱新力量於音樂會的第三部分演出了三首歌曲。首先以Bob Williams的“Merry Christmas Past” 帶出音樂會安寧的聖誕節精神;後以Jay Althouse 的“Have You Heard?” 慶祝耶穌基督於伯利恆降生,樂曲在歡悅與安詳部分交替,展示出聲樂技巧的多樣性;最後以Ed Lojesky 編曲的 “A Rhapsody of Christmas” :由熟悉的聖誕歌曲“In Excelsis Deo” 、 “Greensleeves” 及 “Silent Night”組成,作為香港合唱新力量於音樂會的結束。



The HKVC is honored to have been part of the The Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra’s 2011 Christmas Concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall on December 25, 2011. Fellow guest performers included Good Hope School (Primary) Choir and The Hong Kong Children’s Choir’s choral and tap dance groups.

We performed three songs as the concert’s third set. We started with Bob Williams’ “Merry Christmas Past” to establish the concert’s restful Christmas spirit. Our second song, “Have You Heard?” by Jay Althouse, celebrates the birth of Christ in Bethlehem and alternates between upbeat and peaceful sections, allowing us to demonstrate the versatility of our vocal skills in both solo performances. We closed with “A Rhapsody of Christmas” arranged by Ed Lojesky – a medley of Christmas carols including the  “In Excelsis Deo”, “Greensleeves”, and “Silent Night” that ended our performance set with some familiar Christmas warmth.

We are extremely greatful for the Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra for providing us with this fantastic opportunity to spread holiday cheer and share 2011’s Christmas wishes with a fantastic audience. In light of the HKVC debut several months prior, this concert also allowed us to celebrate fond memories of our past half year together while looking forward to a wonderful 2012.