HKIED Performance


香港合唱新力量受邀出席香港教育學院,由著名戲劇人 葉遜謙先生主講的課堂,作示範演出。我們向正就讀藝術行政課程的同學們,分享遇到的困難及作為青年合唱團的理念。亦有宣傳音樂劇《喜歡。然後?》的時間,希望能於12月的音樂劇中再見大家!

The HKVC was invited by the HKIED to give demo performances for lectures by renowned theatrician Mr. William Yip. The HKVC discussed with art administration students the daily challenges and ethos of being a youth choir. The HKVC also had time to promote their musical “Like. So?” and hope to see everyone in December!