經歷多個月來的練習和籌備,HKVC的<<心聲>>籌款音樂會終於順利舉行,並獲得觀眾一致好評。音樂會當晚,團員與一眾表演嘉賓用心為觀眾演譯了多首精心挑選的曲目,大家又唱又跳,將我們的心聲唱給在場的每一位。此外,團員早前亦為音樂會準備了數段感人的短片,令當晚氣氛升溫。最後,音樂會以”Happy Ending” 作結,觀眾邊聽邊拍手伴和,讓音樂會於溫馨的氣氛下完滿結束。在此我們再次感謝陳永華教授、陳嘉璐醫生、羅乃新女士、蔡詩韻女士、鄭朗思女士、陳美思小姐、黃思豐先生、香港童聲合唱團、循道學校合唱團以及所有贊助人及支持者,與我們攜手創造了這個動人的晚上。
“One Heart, One Voice” was a huge success which was out of our expectation. Everyone was totally immersed in the concert, enjoying our singing and dancing very much. Audiences and even HKVC members were all moved to tears while watching our videos! It was a great experience for us to cooperate with different parties. Many thanks to Prof. Chan, Dr. Sylvia Chen, Ms. Nancy Loo, Ms. Swan Choi, Ms. Nancy Cheng, Ms. Joanne Chan, Mr. Eric Huynh, Hong Kong Treble Choir, Methodist School Choir, sponsors and supporters! The concert ended in the encore “Happy Ending” with audiences’ clapping as accompaniment. Thanks everyone for the funding and giving HKVC such a warm and unforgettable concert. We promise that we will keep doing our best to share our music with the others and contribute to society.