RTHK Interview

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在羅啟生先生的邀請下,香港合唱新力量(HKVC)接受香港電台節目晨光第一線「平凡人的不平凡事」的訪問。HKVC創辦人兼指揮 劉灝顯及兩位團員一同宣傳HKVC音樂劇《喜歡。然後?》,於節目當中談到籌辦音樂劇的趣事及所遇上的困難,主持人對我們所展示的勇氣表示欣賞。


At the invitation of Mr. Cuson Law Kai Sun, the Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (HKVC) appeared on RTHK’s interview on its program “Extraordinary Achievements of Ordinary People” . HKVC founder and conductor Kelvin Lau, along with two other members, promoted the HKVC’s musical “Like. So?” and discussed amusing anecdotes and difficulties encountered in organizing the musical. The moderator expressed appreciation for the courage displayed by the HKVC members.

The HKVC. found out that the many of the sponsors being contacted had watched the program after it had aired. “Extraordinary Achievements of Ordinary People” had undoubtedly strengthened sponsors’ support for the HKVC.