聲夢 Sing Out a Dream



香港合唱新力量於2011年仲夏假香港文化中心音樂廳演出了合唱團的首個專場音樂會,並為國際獅子總會中國港澳三O三區香港中區獅子會之慈善工作籌募經費。此項目期後更為中區獅子會奪得由國際獅子會頒發的國際獎項 — 全球最佳青少年連繫活動服務優異獎。

當晚,我們很榮幸邀請到香港藝術發展局副主席殷巧兒女士 榮譽勳章 太平紳士擔任主禮嘉賓,並在祝酒開幕禮中致詞。而為了將音樂普及化,我們贈送門票給多位低收入人士及傷殘觀眾,讓他們一起分享我們的喜悅。

音樂會開始前,我們為觀眾準備了一段有關我們籌備音樂會過程的影片,記錄了我們每一個團員為音樂會共同付出、奮鬥的歷程。短片播放完畢,穿著整齊黑色套裝的團員們一邊唱著《When the Saints Go Marching in》一邊步操著從後台步出,為音樂會揭開序幕。

音樂會分為上下半場,上半場以傳統音樂為主,下半場則有較多民歌和流行音樂。演唱歌曲包括:《The Glorious Music of Life》、《Lamentation of Jeremiah》、《我唱出了世界的聲音》。音樂會的最後一首歌曲,我們以無伴奏合唱形式唱出了勵志歌曲《紅日》,配合著編舞王廷琳老師的精心舞步,不少團員唱著時亦不禁眼淚凝眶,因為當中的歌詞正正就描述我們香港合唱新力量裡面每位成員的奮鬥歷程。「別流淚心酸,更不應捨棄,我願能一生永遠陪伴你」,當中共同分享過艱苦、歡笑、眼淚,建立出的友誼是何其珍貴。




「除了音樂,歌者對慈善工作都滿懷熱誠。對於他們向慈善團體提供高質素音樂及參與慈善工作,指揮劉灝顯及香港合唱新力量成員的付出是值得稱讚。」 (Dr. Michael J. Anderson, 國際合唱聯盟主席)


“Sing Out A Dream” – HKVC’s Debut Concert

In the summer of 2011, we held our debut concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall to raise funds for the charitable work of the Lions Club of Central. The concert was subsequently awarded a Lions Club International Service Award under the “Best Connection to Youth Program” category.

We were honoured to have Ms Yan Hau-yee, Lina, MH, JP, the Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Art Development Council, as our officiating guest and deliver the opening remarks.  Free tickets were given to certain underprivileged groups and disabled individuals to attend the concert.

Before the concert started, we showed a video of how our choir came into being and how we prepared for the concert.  It recorded how our members worked together to make the concert a reality.  The concert then began with members in black suits marching out from the backstage singing “When the Saints Go Marching in”.

The concert was divided into two halves, with the first half devoted to traditional music and the second half to folk songs and contemporary music. Highlights of the concert repertoire included “The Glorious Music of Life”, “Lamentation of Jeremiah” and “我唱出了世界的聲音”.  We sang an inspirational song “紅日,” an a cappella as the last song of the concert, with dance steps designed by our choreographer, Mr. Wong Ting Lam Andy. It was an emotional moment for many of our members as the lyrics precisely described the hardship we encountered preparing for this concert, and the laughter and tears we shared along the way.

With a lit candle in our hands, we, together with our special guests Hong Kong Treble Choir and The Show Choir Hong Kong, sang an encore song “讓愛傳出去”.  As the title suggests, we hoped that our love and enthusiasm for singing could be passed on, and that was the perfect end to the concert.

“The show reflected love, sincerity, diligence and dedication!” (Ms. Agatha Tsui, Conductor of HKU SPACE Community College Choir)

“The members of the Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus have a passion for music. They use their energy not only to immerse themselves in the music they love, but also to share the love of music with the needy community. I adore these young people.” (Ms. Emily Yeh, Former President of Lions Club of Central)

“The singers are not only enthusiastic about music, but about charity work as well. I applaud Kelvin Lau and the Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus for the hard work that they have invested to provide good music and assistance to charity.” (Dr. Michael J. Anderson, President of International Federation for Choral Music)