Steve Zegree Workshop


Steve Zegree為美國著名爵士樂大師,編寫了很多爵士樂的合唱作品,亦是一位拿過很多獎項的教授。香港合唱新力量(HKVC)有幸出席Steve於香港時舉辦的工作坊,HKVC於當中演唱了一些爵士樂的合唱作品。由於HKVC很多團員都是初次接觸Vocal Jazz的音樂,都覺得很特別及難忘,更因有大師Steve既指導,感到很光榮。

American multi-award-winning music professor Steve Zagree has composed and arranged many jazz choral works and is a prominent master and professor of jazz music. The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (HKVC) was fortunate enough to attend Steve’s workshop in Hong Kong, in which the HKVC performed some jazz choral pieces. For many HKVC members, this workshop marked their first contact with vocal jazz. The workshop and performances were altogether unforgettable experiences and the HKVC is honored in receiving instruction from as accomplished a master as Mr. Zegree.