The Langham Place – Food and Wine Festival


香港合唱新力量受邀出席朗豪坊於9月13日晚上的”Food and Wine Festival”,擔任表演嘉賓。由主廚Philippe Mouchel (澳洲的著名法籍主廚)為客人烹調食物。合唱團演出配合當晚的主題 – 「澳洲」,演唱了澳洲的著名歌曲”Waltzing Matilda”及”I Still Call Australia Home”外,更唱了《喜歡。然後?》的歌曲宣傳音樂劇。



The HKVC was invited to appear at Langham Place’s Food and Wine Festival at the night of 13 November. Head chef Philippe Mouchel, renowned for his French cooking, prepared food for the guests. The HKVC’s choir performance adhered to the event’s Australian theme in their renditions of “Waltzing Matilda” and “I Still Call Australia Home”. The HKVC also performed songs from “Like. So?” to promote their upcoming musical.

The combination of food, wine, and music, were effective in creating a sense of wanderlust for Australia. After all, HKVC members’ truly did find their longing for that country by the night’s end.