The Red Choir Show


香港合唱新力量於2011年邀請The Show Choir在我們的音樂會中擔任表演嘉賓,今年香港合唱新力量受The Show Choir邀請,於The Red Choir Show擔任表演嘉賓。以無伴奏形式(acapella)演唱「紅日」及何崇志博士改編的 “The Little Light Of Mine”。
In 2011, the HKVC invited The Show Choir to as guest performers at our concert. This year, The Show Choir returned the invitation by welcoming the HKVC as guests in The Red Choir Show to perform a capella renditions of 「紅日」and Professor He Sung Chi’s arrangement of “This Little Light of Mine”.