TVB 文化廣場


香港合唱新力量 (HKVC) 獲TVB邀請,參與「文化廣場」節目拍攝。導演 黃永康、音樂總監 劉灝顯及演員 謝雅兒於節目內宣傳HKVC音樂劇《喜歡。然後?》,音樂講述一群青年,在追尋夢想的路上,以正面、有主見地面對途中不同的困難,希望能藉此鼓勵現今年青人。HKVC更於節目內演唱音樂劇主題曲「What to love, Who to love」,內容是即使遇見很多困難,喜歡的事應該由自己決定,因為人生快不快樂,都是自己負責的。

演員 謝雅兒於節目內分享,這次音樂劇的挑戰是時間管理,每位團員要兼顧自身學業、音樂劇排練歌唱、跳舞及演戲部分,更要分擔所有的行政事務,包括推廣、資金籌集等。雖然辛苦,但團員們都知道是為夢想而作,珍惜練習時間,即使為排練只吃麵包、回家趕功課,都是一件幸福的事。

The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus (HKVC) was invited by TVB to participate in the filming of Cultural Plaza. In the program, directors Jack Wong, HKVC conductor Kelvin Lau, and actress Alexa Nga Yi promoted the HKVC’s musical “Like, So?”. The musical depicts a group of adolescents that face challenges with positivity and assertiveness in the pursuit of their dreams, and hopes to convey an encouraging message to today’s youth. The main theme of the musical – “What to love, Who to love” – conveys that happiness in life is one’s own responsibility and that one must therefore not lose sight of one’s own passions even in the face of adversity.

In the program, actress Alexa Nga Yi discussed difficulties in producing the musical, including time management, balance with members’ own studies, and rehearsal of singing, dancing, and acting parts, as well as administrative challenges, including promotion and financing. Despite these troubles, members nonetheless acknowledged their wholehearted dedication to the production and cherished all aspects of the process – even their diet of only bread during rehearsals and conflicts with their homework. Many joyful memories were made and much hope and positive energy was to their audiences.