Vocal Ensemble Workshop by Paul Phoenix

Musical Workshop by Paul Phoenix (31 Oct 2015)

VC Ensemble 昨日參與了由世界知名歌唱家 Paul Phoenix 的 Vocal Ensemble Workshop,獲益良多!由如何站台、與觀眾用眼神交流,到排練技巧,我們都大開眼界!多謝主辦的 Brio 以及為我們伴奏的鋼琴家 Cedric!

Yesterday, VC Ensemble participated in a vocal ensemble workshop by Paul Phoenix, renowned vocalist and former member of The King’s Singers. Paul talked about a variety of interesting topics, such as how we should stand, interact with audience through eye contact and rehearsal technique. We have learnt so much from him, and we are so grateful! Many thanks to the organiser Brio, and Cedric who played the piano for us!